Integrated assistance services

during the phase of incorporation of new companies in Romania

Complete administration services: accountancy, legal services, tax and labour advisory.

Basic administration and primary accounting services:

•Management of local taxes and duties settlement;
•Primary accounting: reception, classification of invoices and accounting documents and the ulterior delivery thereof to the accounting company;
•Bank management, document recollection, invoice and accounting documents classification, receipts and payments;
•E-mail transmission of the balance sheets to our clients;
•Intermediation between the beneficiary and the bank;

Legal services:

•Commercial and business law;
•Company incorporation;
•Share capital increase and decrease and change in the business structure of companies;
•Change in registered offices or directors and opening of places of business;
•Suspension and reactivation of companies;
•Consultancy in trials related to company insolvency and liquidation cases;

Legal aid services for real estate transactions:

•Buy-side and Sell-side due diligences;
•Real estate operations patterning (contributions, defining of guarantees);
•Support for the preparation, review and negotiation of documents related to transactions;

Labour law:

•Support and assistance granted to clients with regard to aspects pertaining to labour law, including personnel employment or dismissal for disciplinary and economic reasons;
•Assistance upon the preparation of Internal Regulations;
•Preparation of labour agreements and of the entire labour documentation specific of the process;

Accounting services:

•Recording of operations in various accounting records: day book, annual accounts book and ledger;
•Preparation of synthetic and analytical balance sheets;
•Preparation and certification of biannual and annual balance sheets and submission thereof to the local financial institutions;
•Calculation of VAT and payment / reception thereof to/by the local financial institutions;
•Calculation of income tax and payment thereof to the local financial institutions;
•Calculation of tax on dividends and payment thereof to the public institutions;
•Client representation upon the VAT refund inspections;
•Negotiation and establishment of the final decision of the fiscal control inspectors;

Salary and personnel management:

•Preparation of the annual return of each employee;
•Payment of salary contributions and of taxes to the public institutions;
•Preparation and registration of labour agreements with the local authorities;
•Preparation of returns pertaining to social security contributions and unemployment benefit;

Assistance upon the definition of salary packages for expats and upon the presentation of the income tax for natural persons (IRPF) in Spain:

•Assistance upon the definition of salary packages for expats, with the possibility of managing from Spain the submission of income tax returns and IRPF in accordance with the provisions of the origin community and with the expat’s rights as regards relief, domicile etc…( in collaboration with Olazabal & Asesores SL office);
•Tax optimisation of various salary options for expats;

Registered office hosting:

•Custody, archiving and management of accounting records and mail;
•Assignation of the conference room for the clients’ visits to Romania;