Complete administration services:

accountancy, legal services, tax and labour advisory.

Assistance upon defining the strategies for incorporation of new business in Romania:    

•Assistance upon defining the incorporation and operation costs in Romania (salaries, corporate obligations, taxes and duties, construction and new construction costs, energy, funding, insurances, transport etc…);
•Assistance upon defining the optimum location for your business. Comparative surveys;
•Build-to-suit (long term rentals) vs. industrial self-promotion. We help you compare alternatives function of your necessities and of your risk profile. Moreover, we have a great number of agreements with international investors who have built in accordance with the necessities of our clients;
•Search for lands & location and support during the due diligence, negotiation and agreement conclusion phases;
•Assistance upon negotiation, conclusion of agreements and implementation thereof with international financial institutions (i.e. BERD, ICEX);

Assistance during the international establishment of your business:

•Search for suppliers of goods, works and services related to plant fitting, electric & mechanical fitting, instrumentation;
•Support upon the search for production subcontractors, materials and components for the manufacturing process, in accordance with the client’s needs and specifications;
•Consultancy, support and search for suppliers in relation to the activities pertaining to client recruitment, coordination and representation during the first phase of candidate selection as well as to those related to the personnel training plan in accordance with the client’s specifications;

•Assistance, support and coordination for procuring the partial authorisation and the operating permit (OP) for the new site (environmental permit – EPA), for insurance and health (OS&H), the sanitary authorisation (SA-SVA), for emergency situations (IS), for fire (FPE), for labour risks (LSS), for occupational medicine (OC), as well as for obtaining other specific authorisations derived from the client’s specific activity;
•Client coordination and representation during the building / extension / adequacy phase for the hall. Relationship with the construction company (ies), with the supervising companies and client information;
•Outsourcing of accounting, administrative and legal documents during the operational incorporation phase of the business, in accordance with the necessities entailed by such business;
•Assistance upon the start and delivery phases of your project;